Making an Impact

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Whilst we all want to give to charity – we also want to know exactly what impact our donations are having and what difference we’re making to the cause. Impact, along with a connection to a cause are the biggest influences in giving to charity so it’s no wonder the charities listed below have cleverly broken down the impact of donors funds.  Would you give £5 to a charity to help injured animals? Maybe, but you’re much more likely to donate £5 if you’re told that your donation has just…read more

The Why?

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Today our blog returns! We’re very excited about the plans we have to be an active member of the blogosphere this year. We hope you enjoy it. To kick things off, the team have nominated me to do the first post so I am honoured to kick off this momentous occasion. Here goes! My specific thought around Playmob’s first blog is to talk about the ‘why’. Why we are doing what we do at Playmob, why we work with certain companies and charities and why this all really matters in…read more